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Hillingdon Hospital – 3-Storey Ward Facility

A multi-purpose ward block, for an acute and specialist hospital in North West London.

Scope of Works, Goods and Services

MTX were contracted to deliver a three-storey, 2,400sqm modular solution at Hillingdon Hospital allowing for 70 new bed spaces across three wards, four private rooms, a nurse base, offices, interview room and clinical stores.

The initial client request was for a single-storey ground floor extension, to house a new 20-bed decant ward. However, due to new emerging critical care requirements, the clinical needs and project scope quickly grew to include a 28-bed ground-floor ward, within a 3-storey facility to also house additional specialist wards.

Through excellent collaboration, and skilled planning and programme management, the MTX team successfully reformed the programme to accommodate the additional requirement within the new deadline.

Working closely with the client team, MTX produced a design for a 3-storey modular facility linking directly into adjacent buildings; The Nightingale Centre, (which houses the endoscopy department), and the Acute Medical Unit (AMU).

Hillingdon Hospital – Bedhead

Phased Delivery

The ground-floor decant ward, dedicated to accommodate dementia patients, named Franklin Ward after the revolutionary scientist Rosalind Franklin, was successfully handed over within the original programme and was complete and live while construction works for the additional two storeys commenced.

The next phase of the project required the installation of 28 modules over three days, creating the second floor to house an Intensive Treatment Unit (ITU), consisting of 16 beds, including four single isolation rooms and three separate zones for flexibility in the care of contagious patients.

The final phase consisted of the delivery and installation of the final 28 modules to complete the third floor, to house a 26-bed Acute Respiratory Care Unit (ARCU).

In total, the new modular ward facility comprises of 70 new bed spaces across three multi-purpose wards, each served by a main reception area and all necessary ancillary; including nurse bases, staff offices, interview rooms and clinical stores.

Benefits of a Modular Solution

By using the latest Modern Methods of Construction, and by working closely with the client Trust, MTX was able to reduce build time by 50% and wastage by up to 60%, while still delivering high quality standards. In addition, selecting an off-site solution for this ward project ensured:

  • The phased and timely delivery of 2,550m2 of new accommodation
  • No downtime for patients during construction or following occupation
  • Less time on site meaning reduced disruption, due to less people and vehicles
  • Enhanced Health and Safety

“Through excellent planning and programme management, MTX has ensured we were able to make use of the new ward block with 70 additional beds within a well organised and respectable timescale, despite Covid-19 compliance conditions. They made the process incredibly easy, and the delivery was exactly what was promised.”
A spokesperson for The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


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